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The advanced tank T-90M of Russia was taken over by the Ukrainian army. Why does this happen?

In the eastern Kharkiv region Ukrainian forces seized a Russian T-90M tank in perfect condition, videos and photos of the seized T-90M tank have been circulated outside on various social Media.

The seizure of the T-90M tank was also verified by Ukraine's defense ministry via a Twitter account and shared a detailed photo of the seized T-90M tank.

According to experts, the T-90M tank seized by Ukraine was the latest version of the tank that had been updated with advanced technology, in the body of the T-90M tank it was inscribed with the symbol "Z" as it is usually used by Russia.

It is strongly suspected that the T-90M tank was seized by the Ukrainians after counterattacking and repelling Russian forces so that it did not have time to carry the T-90M tank.

If it is true that it is a T-90M Tank with advanced technology, this will greatly benefit the Ukrainian side in particular and it is not ruled out that it will study the advanced technology of the T-90M tank.

Earlier, in early May Ukrainian intelligence said Russia had deployed a T-90M tank equipped with advanced technology, today one of the T-90M tanks Successfully seized by ukrainians.

Less than a week ago, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense released one video showing the destruction of another T-90M in Kharkiv using a Swedish Carl Gustaf handheld anti-tank grenade launcher.

While retaking the Kharkiv region, Ukraine also reportedly found a number of equipment left by Russian President Vladimir Putin's army while fleeing the area.

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