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It took only 3 days that 94 units of tanks sent by NATO to kherson were destroyed by Russia

Previously, the NATO state had decided to supply Soviet-made tanks and also various types of armored vehicles to the Ukrainian armed forces.

Recently, it was reported that the Russian army had destroyed at least 94 units of such tanks in the kherson region.

For the incident, Kyiv is estimated to have suffered huge losses and temporarily suspended offensive operations, in order to prevent greater losses.

Kyiv suspects that, if offensive Operations continue it is likely to suffer much greater losses, the Russian military craze cannot be contained.

In addition to the 94 tank units, experts noted, other combat vehicles were also destroyed by Russian forces, strongly suspected that Russians used high-precision missiles to destroy Ukrainian military equipment.

However, Kyiv did not formally comment on the incident, although 2 thousand Ukrainian personnel were reportedly missing while trying to take control of the kherson.

The West and NATO will continue to empty their military warehouses to supply to Ukraine, but the military supplies sent to Ukraine do not last much longer.

This shows that, it is not only Ukraine that has suffered heavy losses, but NATO and the west have also suffered the same fate.

As we see, today Russia has almost all kinds of advanced weapons that are most likely not owned by any country.

Kyiv's resistance to the Russians is like burying themselves, be it personnel and also the combat vehicles they have.

Earlier it was also rumored that, Kyiv lost all of their fighter pilots during a Russian military operation in Ukraine.

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