An estimated 2000 units of Russian tanks were lost and destroyed while conducting real battles in Ukraine

No one can predict exactly when the end of military operations in Ukraine will be. Ukraine's general staff through its Facebook estimated huge losses in Russia from the first moment of the invasion.

We are talking Russian battle tanks. Reporting from Newsweek, it is estimated that Russia lost more than 2000 tank units in Ukraine, this is a fairly large number of Russian-class.

However, the Russian defense department did not give an official statement on the loss of 2000 tank units and was also destroyed by the impact of Ukrainian Anti-tank missiles.

Britain's Defence Ministry said in May, Russia lost a large number of tanks during the conflict and that Moscow had deployed a 50-year-old T-62 tank, this of course very vulnerable when dealing with Javelin missiles.

Last month, ukraine's general staff estimated, Russia lost 19 Tank units and a number of other armored vehicles within a day alone.

What made the Russians lose a lot of tanks in real battles? Some sources say that, Russia still uses Soviet-era T-72 tanks and this is of course very vulnerable to Javelin missiles.

In addition, Russia also operates T-90 tanks that are estimated to be 1990s-era tanks, But a large number of tanks operating in real war are Soviet-era T-72 tanks.

Experts also say that this is what caused Russia to lose a lot of tanks while conducting military operations in Ukraine. 


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