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Why U.S. and NATO consignment weapons are useless in Ukraine, even if they're advanced weapons

Hsmilitarycom: Russian military operations in Ukraine certainly suffered a lot of losses both from the Ukrainian and Russian sides. War of heavy losses is commonplace.

Various advanced armored vehicles and also the most advanced rocket launchers were supplied to the Ukrainian army by NATO as well as the west. But it did not frighten the Russians. 

As with HIMARS, German hawitzers and American-made Javelin rocket launchers, it all became scrap metal in Ukraine.

According to the analyzers, the Ukrainian military uses HIMARS in a very brutal way, Ukraine fighting against Russia does not have any strategy and no matter how sophisticated the weapon is if it is used by the Ukrainian military " in an atmosphere of real war" Without going through exercises with such weapons it would be useless.

If NATO and the west want Ukraine to win the war against Russia and send various advanced military necessities to Ukraine, that's a hope that leads to disappointment.

If the Mercenaries were to control advanced weapons such as the US HIMARS or even the German-made hawitzers it would have happened. However, as it happened a few months ago.

The mercenaries who came to Ukraine could not distinguish Ukrainian tanks and Russian tanks, so the Russians easily destroyed them.

The process of sending military supplies to Ukraine is also a big problem for NATO and the west. As reported by The Russian PMC entered the area of spread of the United States HIMARS on the territory of the city of Bakhmut. This, of course, narrows the wiggle room of NATO and the west.

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