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Why didn't Russia destroy the western arms supply line and NATO to Ukraine?

Hsmilitarycom: Shipments of arms from the west and NATO to Ukraine, is it unknown to Russian intelligence?

Of course, Russia is well aware of which lines are used by NATO and the west to supply arms to Ukraine.

The West and NATO have said that, it will deliver advanced weapons to Ukraine, as will the Himars rocket launcher and the German-made Howitzer.

And the weapon turned out to have arrived in Ukraine, reportedly Ukraine had used the weapon to attack the Russian military.

However, a few weeks ago Russian fighter jets and helicopters managed to destroy the arsenal where weapons from NATO and the west were stored, the German-made Himars and Howitzers were successfully confiscated by Russia, reportedly Russia will study it.

In this case it is estimated, the future of the NATO Alusista and the west is in question, the delivery of various advanced weapons to Ukraine indirectly weakens their own.

The Chinese edition of the Sohu military observer said that, Western countries continue to increase the supply of weapons to Ukraine, but the Russian side has not been particularly interested in supply lines.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army suffered huge losses, nato and western consignment weapons were supposed to be used by the Ukrainian military, however, they were destroyed and also confiscated by Russia in the arsenal of Ukrainian military weapons storage.

Sohu asserted that the tactics of the Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine were simple and effective instead of attacking supply lines, Russia instead destroyed the warehouse where all the NATO and western aid was.

It was previously reported that a Ka-52 helicopter of the Russian Aerospace Forces during a surprise attack destroyed two Ukrainian tanks and 15 Ukrainian nationalists in Donbass.

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