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US B-52 Bombers first dropped bombs on Swedish territory

Hsmilitarycom: The Boeing B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber, belonging to the United States Air Force "US Air Force", dropped three bombs on the vidsel area of Norrbotten County, Sweden.

Reporting from Sputnik News, two units of B-52 strategic bombers were escorted by Saab JAS 39 Grippen fighter jets, belonging to the Swedish Air Force, which were involved in joint Air military exercises.

The source said that, This bombing exercise was the first time it was carried out in Sweden, this is of course because the Nordic country in this Scandinavian region volunteered for membership of the North Atlantic Defense Pact (NATO).

The Swedish Air Force Chiefs of Staff, Major General Carl-Johan Edstrom, confirmed that this joint exercise was aimed at honing connectivity in long-range attacks.

Edstrom also said that this joint action of the United States military is a testament to the ability of the Swedish Armed Forces to defend its sovereignty.

Edstrom said that, Russia strongly opposed Sweden's desire to join NATO.

"Exercises like this contain several elements from coordination, connection and escort in Swedish airspace, to effective fire against enemy targets. This exercise proves that the whole chain works," Edstrom said.

"The importance of having long-range combat capabilities. The capabilities we are currently practicing, increase our defense capabilities significantly and importantly. At the very least, given Sweden's application for NATO membership," Edstrom said.

In addition to the Swedish and American Air Forces, in this joint military exercise also took part the Norwegian Air Force.

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