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US anti-radar AGM-88 Harm missiles are useless in Ukraine, Russia easily copes with them

Hsmilitarycom: Us AGM-88 cruise missiles proved useless in Ukraine, the use of Such missiles cannot be expected too much.

Some sources say that, this AGM-88 Harm missile cannot impose a target on target even when the AGM-88 missile is fired towards the target the missile cannot explode.

The United States sent these AGM-88 missiles to Ukraine in limited numbers, it is estimated that the anti-radar missiles still have weaknesses or advanced Russian defense systems. But in fact the use of these missiles is like throwing stones at the target.

But severe experts argue that, the use of anti-radar missiles in the Donbass is completely useless, such missiles are outdated, or it is other possibilities that Russia has such missile deterrent systems, for example, electronic warfare systems, radar reflectors, etc.

It is certain that almost all types of military equipment supplied to Ukraine cannot be fully functionalized, although NATO and the west consider it to be advanced military equipment.

As is the case with hawitzer M777, HIMARS etc. In theory, this type of weapon is indeed quite scary, but in fact the Russian missiles easily destroyed it.

As reported by Russian sources, the Ukrainian army had difficulty getting HIMARS bullets. Is it because of the meager supply? Of course open that's the case!

As affirmed by the Russian defense department. Russia will destroy all military supplies supplied to Ukraine, as well as the supply of HIMARS bullets. 

Beberapa hari yang lalu, jet tempur Rusia menghantam gudang amunisi ( semua jenis amunisi yang di pasok barat ke Ukraina ) sebelum amunisi tersebut di sebarkan ke untuk keperluan masing-masing.

Secara tidak sadar, perang Ukraina rusia menyebabkan krisis di Eropa dan juga barat, selain memiliki sistem pertahanan militer yang canggih, Rusia juga memiliki sumber daya alam yang banyak.

Bagi Putin, tidak perlu mengerahkan senjata canggih atau bahkan sekelas nuklir untuk menghancurkan barat dan juga Eropa. Dengan tidak menyuplai minyak dan juga keperluan lainnya, Eropa tidak dapat berbuat apa-apa.

A few days ago, Russian fighter jets hit the ammunition depot ( all types of ammunition supplied west to Ukraine ) before the ammunition was deployed for their respective purposes.

Subconsciously, the Russian Ukrainian war caused a crisis in Europe as well as the west, in addition to having an advanced military defense system, the Russians also have sufficient resources.

For Putin, there is no need to deploy advanced weapons or even nuclear-grade to destroy the west as well as Europe. By not supplying oil, gas and other necessities, Europe can do nothing about it.

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