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Ukraine uses anti-radar X-25 in SU-24 bombers in kharkiv region

Hsmilitarycom: Residents of the Kharkiv region witnessed a bomber aircraft belonging to the Ukrainian air force carrying an X-25 anti-Radar missile.

The use of anti-Radar missiles suggests the Ukrainian air force is actively using means intended to suppress Russian air defense radars.

A video recorded by locals showed the SU-24 bomber carrying two anti-Radar missiles.

However, Despite the fact that the range of the latter does not exceed 40 kilometers (for the Kh-25MP variant - note ed.), the latter was developed specifically for suppressing radar stations and short-range air defense systems.

At the moment, it is still unknown whether such missiles were used to attack and what their effectiveness was, however, Ukrainian bombers may well carry anti-radar missiles previously sent to the United States, since the Pentagon previously emphasized that these weapons are used exclusively by aircraft based on Ukrainian armament.

As some sources say, Russia is preparing for a large-scale military operation to seize a number of major cities in Ukraine and destroy military equipment supplied by the west and NATO.


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