Ukraine lost 6 HIMARS units out of a total of 12 HIMARS sent by the US

Hsmilitarycom: It didn't last long, after a few days of the arrival of the HIMARS rocket launcher from the United States the Ukrainian military had to give up losing Half a Dozen of the total 12 HIMARS that the US bound to Ukraine.

Attacks with high-precision missiles from the Russian Military caused almost all NATO and American military equipment to become extinct, including the HIMARS rocket launcher that had only arrived in Ukraine for a few days.

Sources said that, Two MLRS M142 Himars installations were destroyed in the Kharkov region, the last to be destroyed is likely to be being prepared for the next attack. 

"As a result of a high-precision strike in the city of Kharkov, on the territory of the Ukrainian Energy Machinery plant, two American launchers of the HIMARS dual-launch rocket system were destroyed. Also, 53 Ukrainian nationalists and foreign mercenaries were killed ," the statement said.

Russia's defense department said nato and western military equipment were legitimate targets.  As you can see, almost all NATO and western military equipment became scrap metal in Ukraine.


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