Taiwan is besieged by China! Potentially a full-scale military conflict if not hearing Beijing's warnings

Hsmilitarycom: Two groups of Chinese Navy aircraft carriers, the Liaoning aircraft carrier, and the Shandong aircraft carrier, are moving towards Taiwan against the backdrop of a group of US Navy warships from AUG that have previously arrived in the waters of the South China Sea.

The situation in the region is tense, as it leads to a very serious confrontation, especially against the background of Beijing's statements on its readiness to attack, if there is the slightest provocation from Taiwan and the United States.

Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to visit Taiwan tonight, and if the US and Taiwan do not cancel their plans, this could lead to real military clashes and escalate into a full-scale military conflict.

Recently, on the Chinese social Media site Weibo, users of the media uploaded a video of Chinese military equipment deployed to the Taiwan border. The video footage shows various types of military equipment deployed.


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