Russia's KH-22 missiles are not capable of being prevented, Even NATO does not have a system to deter such missiles

The Kh-22 supersonic missile is thought to be capable of striking land as well as sea, western and NATO targets have yet to find a way to deter such missiles.

It is estimated that to create a deterrent system or defense system from this Russian Kh-22 supersonic missile, NATO and the west took years.

This Kh-22 supersonic missile not only attacks in extreme ways, but can also hit targets of 4000 km / h.

At a speed of 4000 Km/h, it is very difficult for the defense system to prevent it and to date it is estimated that there has not been a single defense system from NATO and the west capable of preventing the Russian-made Kh-22 Missile.

It is not known how many of these kh-22 cruise missiles are in service with Russia, however, these weapons have shown the highest efficiency, although in the 50 years since their creation and entered service, until this year they have never been used to conduct combat. mission.

To date, the Kh-22 cruise missile is one of the highest-speed cruise missiles in service with Russia.

In this regard, Russia has not fully deployed its military power in Ukraine, this proves That Russian military operations have not been whatsoever.


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