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Russian military robots will be deployed in Russian military operations in Ukraine?

Hsmilitarycom: Russian military robots that have high technology in the form of a kind of 'exoskeleton' provide lethal force.

However, some sources said Russia would deploy the military robots to Ukraine, as would Russia's advanced tanks and fighter jets.

source image: YouTube/ MILITARY EYES 

The deployment of military robots meant that many Russian military killed in Ukraine. We have seen the Russian military launch some terrifying high-tech weapons.

Russia completed a high-tech military robot over several years ago and may be preparing to use it in military operations in Ukraine.

The Russian army has previously tested an 'actively powered' exoskeleton that can be applied to soldiers to give them deadly cyborg power.

Electric suits are designed to augment and enhance the capabilities of troops. They can help soldiers carry much heavier loads and can even provide lethal accuracy to long-range machine guns.

Oleg Faustov, of the Russian Army's defense contractor TsNiiTochMash, said the suit would make ordinary human soldiers much more lethal.

The suit could theoretically change the face of warfare turning humans into parts of machines, with an accuracy that matches that of computers.

If deployed in conflict with Ukraine, the suit could make the Russian army a real danger because the war with Ukraine shows no signs of stopping.

However, there were no official questions from the Russian defense department to deploy such military robots in Russian military operations in Ukraine.

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