Russia admits to having deployed a fifth-generation SU-57 fighter jet in Ukraine, this movement is silently

Russian defense minister Sergei Shoigu said military operations in Ukraine showed off advanced weapons and also the power of the SU-57's fifth-generation fighter jets.

He said Russia had used SU-57 fighter jets in Ukraine and would expand the use of those SU-57 fighter jets in Ukraine.

As reported by tass news agency on June 9, Russia has deployed 4 SU-57 fighter jets in Ukraine and destroyed Ukraine's air defense system.

From the information reported by hsmilitarycom, the Russian military operation in Ukraine was only to test their advanced weapons and also the fifth-generation fighter jet, namely the SU-57.

"It has a very high level of protection against various air defense systems, has protection against missiles. There are many things, most importantly, he also has very powerful weapons," Shoigu said, in an interview with Russian television station 1, last Sunday, as re-reported RT.

"We've also tested the weapons, tested them, they worked perfectly," he said, adding.

A few months ago, in the Zhytomyr region of Ukraine, local residents recorded an SU-57 fighter jet running a special Operation ( Allegedly destroying an arsenal of Ukrainians ) so the video was widely circulated on various social media.

In addition to the use of SU-57 fighter jets, Shoigu also ensured the use of Kinzhal hypersonic missiles in Ukraine. 

The missile, which is 12 Mach or 14,800 km per hour, has been used three times since March or a month after President Vladimir Putin ordered military operations.

The missile destroyed Ukrainian military facilities, including an arsenal near Ivano-Frankovsk City last March. Strong conjecture was the first time hypersonic weapons were used in combat.


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