On the eve of independence day, Ukraine showed off destroyed Russian tanks

Hsmilitarycom:  A video shows destroyed Russian tanks and armored vehicles on display on the day leading up to Ukraine's independence.

In the video we can clearly see the Russian armored vehicles that have rusted as a result of the battle in Kiev.

The parade was held ahead of Ukraine's independence day from the Soviet Union on August 24.

Some sources say that, Video footage of this parade is widely circulated on social media. Kiev residents were seen taking pictures near tanks and other Russian armored vehicles.

Roman Hryhschuk, a Ukrainian lawmaker, satirized the Russian military whose soldiers were squeezed from Kiev as the wrecks of their tanks were on display in the Ukrainian capital.

Since the beginning of the military operation, the Armed Forces of Ukraine claim to have successfully crippled 1, 907 units of Russian tanks. A total of 44,900 Russian soldiers were also claimed to have been killed in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian military's claims, however, cannot be verified. On a separate occasion, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a speech welcoming independence day, calling the Russian occupation "temporary."

The day when our flag, our independence day, the commemoration of the veterans of the war for Ukrainian independence is almost here, and the Pulpit of Ukraine is ahead," Zelenskyy was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.


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