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Carrying out a NATO mission, Turkish F-16s locked by Greek fighter jets

Maybe everyone knows, Turkey and Greece relations are like a romantic relationship, today the next day is good.

As we quote from several sources, it is rumored that Turkish F-16 fighter jets are locked by Greek F-16 fighter jets. Reportedly, Turkish F-16 fighter jets are starting a B-52 military aircraft belonging to the US air force.

The Turkish F-16 escorting the US B-52 aircraft is reportedly on a NATO mission. Greece and Turkey are both NATO members. So why did that happen? What is the jealousy factor?

The US-made Turkish F-16 fighter jet, however, is on a mission to protect nato's eastern territories or Slovak airspace and Turkey is tasked with escorting U.S. B-52 aircraft, rather than peering at Greece from a distance.

Well, because it had locked the radar of a Turkish F-16 fighter jet, a Greek military representative was called to the office of the Turkish Ministry of Defense to give an explanation.

Although the Greek and Turkish air forces are known to clash frequently in the Aegean region, fellow NATO members are peaceful.

So far there is no detailed information on what is the reason Greece is for interfering with Turkish F-16 fighter jets that are conducting NATO missions.

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