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After receiving threats from britain, Russia deployed warships to the British border

Recently it was rumoured that two Russian warships equipped with cruise missiles approached the UK, reportedly Russia deployed warships and also anti-submarine ships to the British border because it saw a threat from the country.

The emergence of Russian missile cruisers and anti-submarine ships off the coast of Great Britain coincided with the recent threat from London to Russia and Russia also transferred military aircraft to civilian airports. 

Reporting from, Russian warships managed to quietly approach the border of Great Britain about 80 kilometers away from the state's territorial waters, moving directly into the strait between Ireland and Great Britain.

It is not known Exactly the purpose of the Russian battleship in the region, which was also accompanied by the tanker Vyazma, however, according to Sutton sources, London felt more wary of this.

Regarding the issue of the Russian war capa approaching the British, they feared that russian warships would remain off the coast of the kingdom for a long time.

However, Sutton said that, we cannot clearly see the whereabouts of the Russian warship, yet the British navy detected its existence.

Sutton also said the Russian warship passed through the entrance to the English Channel and entered the Irish Sea. The Russian battleship was then followed by the British Royal Navy battleship HMS Lancaster.

However, there is no official explanation as to what the content of the British threat was, which led Russia to deploy the battleship Meraka to the British border.

Until this news was published, there was no official statement from the Russian defense department regarding the issue of the arrival of two Russian warships to the British border.

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