U.S. HIMARS is operated by NATO in Ukraine, because it does not trust the Ukrainian military

Hsmilitarycom: Sources life-ru.turbopages.org said that, the HIMARS air defense system sent to the Ukrainian army was not operated by the Ukrainian military itself.

The source said NATO does not trust the Ukrainian military to use the HIMARS air defense system, due to limited knowledge of how to use himars.

The source RIA Novosti writes about this with reference to sources in Russian law enforcement agencies.

"The installation crew is managed by unemployed NATO soldiers, security is carried out by PMC employees close to the Pentagon, those who often contract with them," said an employee of a Russian law enforcement agency.

According to the source, NATO members do not trust the Ukrainian army: neither military nor civilian. 

Thus, the Ukrainian crews of the Smerch and Uragan MLRS were unaware of the cooperation with HIMARS and often did not know that they were a cover for launching the system. 

It is known that only the launch time and coordinates of the target are disclosed to them. In addition, American military satellites were used in targeting, and after launch, the installation changed its location and no longer returned to its previous position.

According to analysts, this is no longer a war between Ukraine and Russia, but rather a war against NATO. As concrete evidence, NATO will continue to supply arms to Ukraine, under the pretext of helping ukrainians deal with Russian Military Operations.

And recently came a video of the use of the American HIMARS defense system destroying the Russian army, the attacks carried out continuously with the US Himars.


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