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Ukrainian army complains of weakness of American M777 howitzer

Hsmilitarycom: Some sources say that, the ukrainian army lost about 85% of the American M777 Howitzer cannon. 

The Ukrainian army complained that most of the American M777 Howitzer guns still had many weaknesses and were very easily deactivated by the Russian armed forces.

As it turned out, the main problem of the M777 howitzer was its low mobility, and therefore, attempts to attack the Russian army with the M777 Howitzer of the Ukrainian army chose to retreat.

According to the Ukrainian military, after 2 or 3 shots, the positions of ukrainian soldiers using the M777 Howitzer were easily detected by the Russians and the counterattack destroyed them as well as the M777 Howitzer.

Attempts to quickly withdraw the M777 howitzer from the firing position were impossible, since the process took a long time, so both the army and the Russian air force easily Destroyed it.

In addition, according to the Ukrainian military, the howitzer was very quickly damaged by exploding fragments of ammunition, which made it unsuitable for further use, while the repair of weapons was very long.

This problem was probably taken into account by other countries, since the M777 howitzer was no longer supplied to Ukraine and was replaced by self-propelled mounted artillery, which was more mobile and more resistant to damage.

That is what probably caused 85% of the M777 Howitzers sent by the United States to Ukraine to be easily destroyed by the Russians.

This M777 Howitzer cannon is considered to be ineffective if it encounters real battles, in addition to the transfer process which takes a long time, the M777 Howitzer also often suffers damage after several uses.

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