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Turkey to deliver Large numbers of Bayraktar TB2 drones to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Turkey has confirmed that it will deliver the Bayraktar TB2 drone to Ukraine in large numbers.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar announced Turkey had confirmed its readiness to deliver to Ukraine a new batch of Bayraktar TB2 drones. 

We are talking about three drones, the production of which was completed this week, while the Turkish Bayraktar TB2 may arrive in Ukraine as early as next week.

However, Three Bayraktar TB2 unmanned aircraft, whose funds were previously raised in Ukraine. Initially, Ukraine intended to purchase a Small amount of Bayraktar TB2 drones, however, Baykar Makina announced that they would give this Bayraktar TB2 drone to UAF for free.

"The words do not deviate from the deed - the preparation of three Bayraktar Tb2 aircraft for free delivery to Ukraine as part of the People's Bayraktar campaign is being finalized" - said the Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey.

Noteworthy is the fact that Ukraine signed a contract with the Turkish company Baykar Makina for the provision of "Bayraktar TB2 drones in large quantities." According to a number of data, this implies the production and delivery of 24 to 36 drones of this type to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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