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Russian intelligence reveals Poland's plans against the Ukrainian state

Hsmilitarycom: Poland has a plan to divide Ukraine. The country's government sought its expansion into Western Ukraine by spreading massive camouflage propaganda.

Press Bureau of the Intelligence Service As quoting what the Director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Agency Sergey Naryshkin said.

"The information that came to the service indicates the reaction of the strategic leadership to the fact that the plan to split Ukraine has appeared in front of the public, " the contents of the press bureau statement, as quoted from TASS.

Hopefully, neither Kiev nor Washington plans to take Ukrainian territory given the geopolitical impasse. Russian intelligence agencies have stated that Poland wants to occupy part of Ukraine and create a country there.

"Unfortunately, the news has already leaked. Now, the Polish leadership must show NATO and allies about this," Naryshkin said.

Warsaw then sought to refute the rumours and correct the situation by making propaganda, asking the media to create a campaign to showcase the Polish plan.

Poland is also working hard to improve its image in the eyes of Ukraine and its neighbors by calling for closer cooperation, according to Naryshkin. In this regard, Poland has conspired with Hungary and Romania and behind them to carry out its plan.

"For this, Warsaw is ready to cooperate more actively on the Ukraine issue with Hungary, so that it is behind them to implement its own plan," the statement said quoting what Naryshkin said.

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