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Russia takes over German PzH 2000 Howitzer sent to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: The Russian army took over the German self-propelled howitzer cannon PzH 2000 from the Ukrainian Military delivered some time ago. This is stated in the plot of the German "Bild".

German sources complained that Germany would not send a number of PzH 2000 self-propelled guns to Ukraine, as the Russian military had taken one of their self-propelled guns from the ukrainian army.

According to Bild, this was done with the help of German grenade launchers, which were also supplied to the Ukrainian army. The knock-out howitzer, which is called one of the most "expensive and high-tech" self-propelled weapons in the world, is thought to have already been studied by the Russian military.

On June 23, Ukrainian Defense Minister Reznikov announced that Ukraine received a number of German self-propelled artillery installations 155-mm PzH 2000. 

In total, Kyiv received 12 installations, seven of which were supplied by Germany and five more by the Dutch. 

In addition, the Germans also trained ukrainian soldiers to use self-propelled. Training is carried out on the territory of Germany.

Earlier, Caesar announced in France that two 155 mm self-propelled wheeled artillery fell into the hands of the Russian military. 

And russia's message of concern "Uralvagonzavod" to Macron, in which "UVZ" asked to convey "thank you" for the transferred howitzer, caused a scandal in Paris. If the information is confirmed with the German PzH 2000.

Almost all advanced weapons sent to Ukraine, cannot be used perfectly by the ukrainian army. Russia's supposed deadliest airstrikes left Ukrainian troops unable to do anything about it.

Weapons that fall into the hands of Russia, will weaken NATO and the West. If Russia studies the types of advanced weapons of the west and NATO, this will be very dangerous for the continuation of the western military defense system and NATO.

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