Kh-31 missiles mounted on SU-30SM fighter jets will fight air-to-air combat in Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Russian SU-30SM fighter jets will carry Kh-31 hypersonic missiles for air-to-air combat and also attack ground targets in Ukraine. Su-30SM fighter jets are considered to play an important role when conducting Russian military operations in Ukraine.

"In the special operations zone in Ukraine, the Su-30SM naval aviation aircraft of the Black Sea Fleet used Kh-31 guided missiles, known in the West as Krypton," a spokesman for the agency said.

The source said that the kh-31 missile was used against various ground and air targets of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and showed high efficiency.

"With the help of the Kh-31P anti-radar missile from the Su-30SM fighter jet, an attack was carried out on the Ukrainian radar station of the anti-aircraft defense system and other ground facilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Its effectiveness is high, the defeat is accurate. ," the agency's interlocutor said.

This is the first case of the use of "Krypton" in Ukraine. 

Earlier, military commissar Sladkov called on the Russian military-industrial complex to intensify technical work, since the Armed Forces of Ukraine had several times launched effective attacks against Russian decision-making centers.


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