After the US RSZR HIMARS, Russia destroyed the British Horpoon anti-ship Installation

Hsmilitarycom: During Russian military operations in Ukraine, NATO and western consignment weapons did not last long in Ukraine. After the American RSZR HIMARS, now the Harpoon anti-ship installation ( believed to belong to the British ) was destroyed by the Russians.

According to data from the Russian military, attacks on anti-ship missiles are carried out by sea-based cruise missiles of the Caliber of the Black Sea. 

However, the number of "Caliber" launched was not mentioned, On the attack, two ground installations of harpoon anti-ship missiles in the residential area were destroyed.

In addition, two Tochka-U tactical missile launchers were destroyed in the area near Kramatorsk, along with more than 150 nationalists. And in Mayaki, Donetsk region, Russian fighter jets destroyed six MLRS Grad and an ammunition depot.

Is it so easy for the Russian army to destroy nato and western shipping weapons? Or is it because the ukrainian army is not ready to use NATO and western shipment weapons?

The facts of the Dilocation of the battle showed that many NATO and western mercenaries were helping the ukrainian army. It is absolutely impossible if the type of weapon sent to Ukraine should require training before use.


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