A battalion of elite troops of Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky was destroyed by Russia

Hsmilitarycom: On July 28, the Russian defense department said that, Russian precision weapons had hit the elite troops of the Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky at the Krasnoarmeysk station in the DPR.

"At night, a military train at the Krasnoarmeysk DPR station, carrying an elite assault battalion of a separate brigade 1 of the President of Ukraine, was destroyed by a direct attack with high-precision air-based weapons," Russia said. Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said during the briefing. 

According to him, more than 140 elite troops hit by Russian missiles moved away. About 250 Ukrainian elites suffered injuries of varying severity.

Allegedly, the result of the continuous shipment of HIMARS weapons by the United States and NATO angered Russia and increased Military Operations in Ukraine.

Recently, it was also reported that a Ukrainian An-124 military aircraft was carrying F-16 fighter jets in Israel and would be taken to the United States.

Earlier, the president of Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky asked for F-16 fighter jets to be delivered to Ukraine. However, because the Ukrainian pilot has never flown an F-16 fighter jet, the pilot will take part in the exercise to fly the US-made fighter jet.


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