Within a week, the Ukrainian military lost 30 U.S. shipment M777 howitzers

Hsmilitarycom: Previously, the United States was very vociferous in sending various types of weapons to the Ukrainian military. However, it is known that during one Week they lost 30 US-delivered M777 Howitzer guns.

Some sources also said that of the hundreds of M777 Howitzers that the US sent to Ukraine, only 40 units remained. Experts say, if the M777 Howitzer is sent to Ukraine for a long-term war It is not suitable, for Russia it will only take one Week to destroy all weapons sent by the US or NATO allies.

However, of the hundreds of M777 Howitzers sent to Ukraine, about 30 guns were completely damaged and sent for repair to the territory of one of the neighboring countries, while about 30 more guns were destroyed by a Russian attack.

The US recognizes the loss of these weapons, justifying the fact that in the near future the Armed Forces of Ukraine may not have a light howitzer M777 suitable for use.

According to the US side, the failure of the M777 howitzer can be attributed to its very intensive use, in particular, it was noted that about 6-7 thousand attacks were carried out from such weapons every day, however, it is known that most of the weapons were hit and suffered damage.


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