Who controls the US MLRS M142 Himars in Ukraine? This is the recognition of ukrainian troops

Hsmilitarycom:The Ukrainian military tells who exactly controls the US MLRS M142 Himars sent to the Ukrainian armed forces.

The US M-142 Himars dual rocket launch system, which arrived in Ukraine recently, was under the control of officers of the 27th Rocket Artillery Brigade.

Especially for NATO arms control, separate units were formed that operated independently of each other, each unit was armed with two combat vehicles. 

In addition, the units themselves are deployed independently of each other, one is located in the south of Ukraine, while the second is located in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

To date, it is known that the 27th rocket artillery brigade was formed in 2008, however, in the first weeks, almost all weapons were considered unusable. Perhaps it was for this reason that the US MLRS M142 Himars was transferred to this particular unit.

Previously, it was assumed that US instructors or mercenaries would manage the MLRS Himars sent to Ukraine, however, judging by the current data, it was the Ukrainian military that was involved in this. 

Nevertheless, the control of the MLRS was carried out by the American side, which, by the way, had previously been confirmed by the US Department of Defense.

The war in Ukraine will continue if NATO and South America continue to ship military equipment to Ukraine, not even ruled out advanced weapons.


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