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Vladimir Putin: Russia will attack new targets if Long-range missiles are sent to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Putin commented on the situation with the supply of US MLRS and other long-range weapons to Ukraine. According to the President of Russia, there is nothing new in the provision of a double rocket launch system to Kyiv, a similar system that in Soviet production was used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The US MLRS, like the Soviet one, with the exception of the Grad, has a firing range of 70-80 km.

At the same time, Putin warned Western countries, in particular the United States, that supplying Ukraine with missiles capable of hitting long-range targets would lead Russia to launch attacks on objects that have not been fired until now. 

What kind of object will be the target of Russian high-precision missiles, the Russian leader did not go into detail.

Earlier, Washington officially announced the delivery of the American MLRS M142 HIMARS to Ukraine, the corresponding decree signed by Joe Biden.

According to reports, at the first stage, the US will supply four installations, moreover, in the MLRS version with a firing range of up to 80 km.

Kyiv will not accept operational-tactical missiles capable of hitting targets at a range of 300 and 500 km. 

Another condition for the us MLRS supply is not to attack the territory of Russia, however, Kyiv has announced that they themselves will determine the target of the attack.

Following the United States, Britain and Germany announced the delivery of the MLRS M270 dual launch rocket system to Kyiv. Germany intends to send four MARS II installations to Kyiv - the modernised MLRS M270 MLRS, the UK has not revealed their plans.

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