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US panics, China's nuclear could destroy Guam island in minutes

Hsmilitarycom: RIA source Novosti said the US was wary of the fact that China could attack the island of Guam using nuclear weapons, This was conveyed by the Head of the US Indo-Pacific Command, John Aquilino.

It mentioned that there are two US military bases, which house strategic bombers, ships and submarines, as well as a nuclear weapons depot will be destroyed if China's nuclear attacks the island of Guam.

Because of the panic, the United States considered it necessary to create reserve bases on other islands in Micronesia, according to U.S. military beliefs.

However, Beijing has repeatedly stated that it has no intention of taking aggressive action against other countries, but will defend its territory.

Earlier, A publication appeared in the German edition of Die Welt, which referred to the strengthening of the position of the anti-Western coalition, led by Russia and China.

As the public news service previously reported, Li kecin, head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' Department of International Economic Affairs of china's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, explained the purpose of expanding the composition of BRICS. According to him, it is not related to the formation of a new block.

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