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US Harpoon missiles destroy Russian Vasily Bekh ship near snake island

Hsmilitarycom: The Kiev regime announced the sinking of the tugboat "Vasily Bekh" from the Russian fleet. It is suspected that harpoon anti-ship missiles were used as a means of destruction, and the shelling of the ship was recorded from the Bayraktar TB2 drone.

As described, the pull at the time of the attack of two anti-ship missiles was 20 miles from Zmeiny Island, located near the Black Sea coast, which was controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. 

After a statement by Kyiv authorities, Dan Lamothe, an American journalist working for The Washington Post, quoted an unnamed Pentagon official.

"The Armed Forces of Ukraine hit a Russian Navy tugboat with at least one Harpoon missile, according to the US Department of Defense, confirming Ukraine's claims. According to "anonymous" officials, the US does not supply these missiles to Ukraine, even though they are of American origin."

Judging by the open information about the supply of weapons to Kyiv from the West, this means the use of Harpoon anti-ship missiles, which were previously sent to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the Danes. 

It is currently unclear to what extent this statement corresponds to reality. However, Russia's defense department has not commented on the attack.

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