Ukrainian SU-27 fighter jet shot down, carrying out security mission of Zelensky's arrival in Zaporozhye

Hsmilitarycom: The SU-27 fighter jet shot down over the Zaporozhye region turned out to be a Ukrainian Su-27, which would guarantee the safety of Zelensky's visit.

A SU-27 fighter jet that was shot down the day before in the Orekhov region turned out to be a Ukrainian Su-27 fighter jet. This is evidenced by the presence of videos and photos shared on the telegram channel of the accident site. 

However, there is evidence that the SU-27 fighter jets did not perform combat missions in the region at all, The SU-27 fighter jets ensured the safety of the visit of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to the Zaporozhye region.

At the moment, it is known that the Ukrainian leader is indeed on a visit to Zaporozhye. Su-27 fighter jets can perform protection from missile attacks, in the event of such an attack.

However, despite the shooting down of a Ukrainian SU-27 fighter jet and considered to provide protection for Zelensky, there has been no official statement on this from Kyiv.

How many Su-27 fighter jets are currently in service with the Ukrainian Air Force is not known in detail, however, according to a number of sources, the Ukrainian Air Force owns at least 40% of these types of fighter jets from the number in service at the beginning of the year. This year.


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