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Ukraine admits 50% of heavy weapons have been destroyed by Russia

Hsmilitarycom: Ukraine says 50% of the heavy weapons they have already been destroyed by Russia, including 400 tanks. The confession was expressed Ukrainian Army Command Logistics Commander Volodymyr Karpenko.

In an interview with The National Defense Magazine, Karpenko said, As a result of active combat, the loss of military equipment reaches 30-40%, sometimes up to 50%."

"We've lost about 50%. About 1,300 infantry fighting vehicles have been lost, 400 tanks, 700 artillery systems," he said.

Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Denys Sharapov in the same interview revealed Western supplies did not meet Ukraine's needs in the fight against Russia.

"We have received a large number of weapons systems, but unfortunately with the resources that can be massively spent, it only covers 10 to 15% of our needs," Sharapov said.

He did not disclose the exact number of heavy weapons Kiev needed but stressed, "The need for heavy artillery systems is measured by hundreds."

"We need artillery, we need artillery shells, infantry fighting vehicles, fighting vehicles, tanks. We really need an air defense system and a multi-launch rocket system," he said.

"The supply of high-precision weapons systems will also be important because the Ukrainian military believes such a system will give it an edge over the enemy, an advantage in this war," Sharapov said.

The deputy minister recognized the problems that Western countries had to face when organizing the transfer of arms to Ukraine, including obtaining permission for the transfer of technology from all owners of the subsystem.

However, Sharapov stressed, "Not all politicians understand the gravity of what is happening in Ukraine."

"That's why we want to take this opportunity... to attract the attention of the whole world once again that this is a war not only in Ukraine, this is a war that impacts the whole world," he said.

Karpenko is a little more specific and gives an estimate of the needs of Ukraine. 

"Think of this: one brigade occupies about 40 kilometers from the fence line. That is, to cover up active combat conflicts we need 40 brigades. Each brigade is 100 infantry fighting vehicles, 30 tanks, 54 artillery systems for just one brigade, and we have 40 of them," he said.

Meanwhile, Russia is constantly warning the West against "pumping" Ukraine with weapons. 

Moscow claims it will result in an extension of the conflict and various long-term problems.

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