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The US began to hunt down the wreckage of Russian hypersonic missiles. what will be learned?

Hsmilitarycom: After the Russian hypersonic missile "Kinzhal" hit an underground ammunition warehouse in Ukraine, the United States media began to actively report on this component of the warhead, which was allegedly carefully studied by US experts.

Portal Svobodnaya Pressa cites the opinion of Sergei Goncharov, a veteran of the Russian special service, he is convinced that it is impossible to find something to study in a second-hand missile. 

He also noted that, if the US captures the entire missile system, then the probability of finding something useful will be quite high. However, no one will let advanced weapons fall into the hands of others.

Military expert Alexander Mikhailov also expressed his opinion. He was convinced that at the site of the explosion "Dagger", which destroyed the storage of weapons of Ukraine, designed for nuclear explosions, it was unlikely that there could be any components suitable for study.

In this regard, the expert indirectly said, the US has a disadvantage when it comes to hypersonic missiles ( as brought by the MiG-31K fighter jets ) and this makes them think twice when it comes to going head-to-head with Russia.

Before russia conducted military operations in Ukraine, hypersonic missile tests on MiG-31K fighter jets were quite successful. Today, during a Russian military operation in Ukraine you can see how fierce the hypersonic missiles carried by Russian MiG-31K fighter jets are.

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