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The US apparently continues to supply long-range missiles to Ukraine despite Russian warnings

Hsmilitarycom: A strong response was shown by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, on learning of the fact that the US remains supplying long-range missiles in support of Ukraine. In fact, the US has previously expressed a stance to no longer send weapons to Ukraine.

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"We will not send rocket systems to Ukraine that could attack Russia," reads a statement by the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

Biden's statement refuted the news reported by a number of US media, who said that the United States would again send the M270 Multi-Rocket Disarmament system (MLRS), and the MLRS M142 HIMARS.

However, just two days later the US actually officially announced the delivery of new military aid to Ukraine. The packages the United States sent included the HIMARS M142 Multi-Rocket Launcher System.

Knowing the news, Lavrov on behalf of Russia denounced the united states' perceived attitude of deceiving its side. In accordance with the attitude of the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Lavrov asserted that Russia will take decisive action if the US continues to supply long-range missiles to Ukraine.

"The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has already made comments regarding the situation that will arise with the arrival of new weapons (to Ukraine)," said Lavrov of the Russian News Agency, TASS.

"I can only add that, the farther the range you will supply, the farther we will move from our territory beyond the line. Where, the Neo-Nazis could threaten the Russian Federation," he said.

Russia considers the United States, Britain and NATO to have violated the 1999 inter-state security agreement. Lavrov loudly referred to the US and its allies as nothing more than liars.

"The bottom line is, we are warning the United Kingdom, the United States and other NATO members," Lavrov continued.  

"You have signed a commitment in 1999, that no country will strengthen its security at the expense of the security of another country. Why don't you do that? Why did it turn out to be a lie?" he said.

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