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Su-57 fighter jets can blind Ukrainian radar and destroy it easily

Hsmilitarycom: During special military operations in Ukraine, the fifth-generation fighter jets of the Russian Su-57 were able to suppress the Ukrainian air defense system. In the United States, the use of aircraft during the NWO is evaluated. The low visibility of the Su-57 fighter jet makes it difficult to detect, military watch wrote.

The Su-57 fighter jet is well optimized for anti-aircraft suppression missions, and its stealth and laser defense capabilities make it difficult to target with radar and guided weapons.

It should be noted that the effective scattering area of the Su-57 is relatively large for the fifth generation fighter jet, the SU-57 fighter jet receives several radar stations operating in different ranges, tracking up to 60 targets.

The SU-57 fighter jet also received an electronic warfare system that could suppress modern air defense systems. The Su-57 carries a Himalayan electronic warfare system capable of blinding ground-based radars.

In addition, Su-57 fighter jets can attack from beyond the line of sight of the Ukrainian air defense system. If the SU-57 fighter jet is within the range of the S-300 system, the probability of destroying the Su-57 fighter jet will remain low.

Earlier, a source from RIA Novosti said that the Russian Aerospace Forces used the Su-57 link to destroy Ukraine's air defense system. The planes were united into one information network.

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