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Russian SU-57 fighter jets have more combat capabilities than any other fighter jet

Hsmilitarycom: The Russian Su-57 began to perform combat missions during special operations in Ukraine. These SU-57 fighter jets are connected into a single information network, where they can exchange data in the radar field, identified targets, and coordinate actions with other fighter jets. 

What's the point of testing this fifth-generation SU-57 fighter jet in real combat conditions?

During a special operation in Ukraine, the Russian military deployed four of the latest Su-57 fighter jets, which were connected into a single information network to destroy air defenses. This was announced on Thursday by an information source.

Su-57 fighter jets can operate outside the zone of active destruction by the Air Defense system of Ukraine and hit targets with the help of missile weapons.

Experts suggest that the SU-57 fighter jet be equipped with a new high-precision missile Kh-31PM with a range of up to 60 kilometers, which allows the Su-57 not to enter the coverage area of the Ukrainian air defense.

Russian military pilot Vladimir Popov also pointed out that the Su-57 was quite well coordinated with other fighter jets and transmitted data to them.

In fact, there is such a system that acts as a virtual co-pilot. It helps in the matter of choosing a target, and when aiming, and when determining coordinates. popov explained.

If, for example, Bayraktar appeared in the sky, then we can calmly attack it, while continuing to perform other tasks, following flight routes, maneuvering and monitoring ground targets. explained the Russian pilot.

At the same time, he also said, the Su-57 fighter jet is quite easy to operate, since many are delegated to the engine, he is able to monitor the actions of the pilot and help avoid mistakes.

Each individual Su-57, as a combat unit, is very effective missile launches and bombings are carried out with a high degree of accuracy and safety.

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