Russian SU-25 fighter jet hit by a missile of the Ukrainian armed forces

Hsmilitarycom: The Su-25 fighter jet of the Russian air force managed to survive, having been attacked with anti-aircraft missiles and the pilots of the SU-25 managed to land it safely.

Photos of Russian Su-25 fighter jets that survived after being attacked by Ukrainian soldiers were shared on various social media. 

However, what is more interesting about the incident is that this SU-25 fighter jet was able to survive a direct attack by anti-aircraft missiles and the pilot managed to get out of the zone of the Ukrainian air defense system.

Fighterbomber's Telegram channel source said the SU-25 fighter jet was hit by an anti-aircraft missile fired from an unknown human portable anti-aircraft missile system.

"Another fort returned the pilot home safe and sound after encountering a MANPADS missile. When a rocket hits an engine, a fire usually ignites, which can sometimes be extinguished with an ordinary fire extinguishing system. The pilot quickly turns off the failed engine, turns off the fire tap (kerosene supply to the engine) and activates the fire extinguishing system with a button. In the Su-25, the engine can only be extinguished once. And on this plane, after being hit by a rocket, the same engine caught fire twice. Nevertheless, everything worked out, "the message said.

Experts pay attention to the fact, if another fighter jet suffers the same fate as the SU-25 fighter jet will definitely end in ruin.

During military operations in Ukraine, SU-25 fighter jets twice suffered the same fate, pilots managed to land SU-25 fighter jets safely even though the fuselage had been hit with missiles.


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