Railway bridge carrying arms to Ukraine destroyed by Russia

Hsmilitarycom: The armed forces of the Russian Federation continue to attack Ukraine's military infrastructure to prevent the supply of NATO weapons and manpower to the front line.

A railway bridge across the estuary of the Dniester was destroyed by a missile attack of the Russian Armed Forces.

It should be noted that some time ago, Russian troops had attacked an important facility in the Odessa region. However, the authorities deployed all available resources to recover and in a short time were able to operate them.

However, Kyiv did not manage to use it Russia re-launched with a missile attack, and this time the destruction was very severe.

According to a statement by the Russian military department, the destruction of the bridge across the Dniester Estuary was of great importance to the Russian troops.

After all, now weapons and military equipment from NATO will not be able to arrive at the front as quickly as necessary for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

That is, they had to look for several solutions, which in turn increased the chances of the Russian troops to identify these supplies at an early stage and successfully destroy them.

Earlier, the online publication Yakutsk.ru wrote that the "Caliber" of the RF Armed Forces disrupted the supply of fuel to Ukraine through Zatoka.


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