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Poland's largest U.S. military arsenal is being built for the long term

Hsmilitarycom: In Powidz, Poland, where the US combat battalion group is located, they began to build an arsenal for the US military. This was conveyed by the Minister of National Defense of the Republic Mariusz Blaschak as quoted by RIA Novosti.

According to the head of the country's defense, the construction of the combat vehicle warehouse complex will be completed in 2022. This will help to quickly equip the brigade battle group.

Blaszczak noted that Poland is creating conditions for equipping the US with weapons so that Polish troops can quickly receive help in crisis situations.

The construction of the US military warehouse was funded by Poland, NATO and the United States. He remembered that 12,000 American troops were stationed in Poland.

Earlier, the U.S. Ambassador to Warsaw, Marek Brzezinski, said that in the next ten years, the United States plans to build more than a hundred military facilities for various purposes in Poland. According to the diplomat, such a project will significantly increase combat readiness.

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