NATO fighter jets were spotted near snake island. What were they doing there?

Hsmilitarycom: NATO fighter jets were spotted in the western part of the Black Sea, not far from Snake Island.

A group of fighter jets flew over from romanian territory, roughly at a distance of about 50 kilometers southwest of the island. 

At the same time, tanker aircraft are also involved to ensure the long-term flight of fighter jets.

Currently, it is known that there are two British Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets flying in the Black Sea region. 

However, there is evidence that US F-35 fighter jets can also fly, although due to the deactivated transponder, it is impossible to document this fact in any way.

At the moment, the facts are still unknown related to the flight of NATO fighter jets in the western part of the Black Sea, however, earlier there was information that Ukraine was planning an attack on Snake Island.

This does not rule out the possibility that NATO countries are also involved in this.

Experts note that recently NATO activity in the Black Sea has increased significantly.

In particular, foreign military reconnaissance fighter jets and drones approached the Russian border for no apparent reason.



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