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First SU-57 fighter jet destroys Ukrainian military facility in Kyiv region

Hsmilitarycom: Recently A video of SU-57 fighter jets destroying a Ukrainian military facility near Kyiv, the video was published on a telegram channel.

Predictably, this was the first attack of the SU-57 fighter jet using the new X-59MK2 air-to-surface control missile. The RF Armed Forces carried out an attack on the Darnytsia car repair plant near Kyiv.

From the video footage, no SU-57 fighter jets can be seen taking off before carrying out the attack. 

From the published video you can see, the attack from the air against a ukrainian military facility carried out by the fifth-generation SU-57 fighter jets of the Russian air force.

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation later reported that as a result, a number of tanks and armored vehicles were liquidated, which were being prepared for delivery to the military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbass.

Earlier, observers said that Russia was unlikely to use the fifth-generation SU-57 fighter jet, this was due to the very limited production of SU-57 fighter jets.

The appearance of the fifth-generation SU-57 fighter jet and the destruction of the military facilities of ukraine, of course, this was never expected.

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