Against Russia, NATO ordered to prepare nuclear weapons

Hsmilitarycom: NATO was ordered to prepare in advance to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine in the event of a nuclear attack by the Russian Armed Forces, said Luftwaffe commander General Ingo Gerhartz. Such information is provided by Military Review.

The German general made a statement at the Seapowers international symposium in Kiel. 

In his opinion, the RF Armed Forces can attack with nuclear weapons unexpectedly, so the alliance must prepare in advance for the use of nuclear weapons in response to Russian aggression.

"For a 'correct' response to this, Brussels needs political will, and NATO countries need weapons," the general said. "For a credible deterrent, we need the tools of destruction and political will to implement a nuclear deterrent, if necessary," the general said.

In Moscow, in response to all Western fears that Russia would use nuclear weapons in Ukraine, they would answer unequivocally: there is no such plan, and all this is a rumor for the sake of discrediting the Russian Federation. 

Experts commented on the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine was considered too much and General Gerhartz's remarks were very provocative.

"A country like Russia is unlikely to use nuclear weapons against a country like Ukraine".

Earlier, the Russian Armed Forces disbanded a large detachment of foreign mercenaries in Severodonetsk in the LPR. Portal writes about this


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