Ukrainian air force receives attack-type fighter jets, bombers

Hsmilitarycom: Earlier, Russian air defense systems shot down two SU-25 fighter jets and a Ukrainian MiG-29 29 fighter jet. 

Ukrainian air force receives attack-type fighter jets, bombers

Judging from the data of the Russian Defense Ministry, the military flights that the Ukrainian Armed Forces had at the time of the start of special operations have long been destroyed. However, Ukrainian pilots continued to carry out surprise attacks.

Dengan demikian, dapat diasumsikan bahwa Angkatan Bersenjata Ukraina memiliki sejumlah kendaraan tempur yang tidak ditemukan.

Military expert Andrey Prokaev suggested that the aircraft could be placed in special facilities and in protected hangars, which are equipped at abandoned airfields. 

We are not talking about a complete airfield, but there is an airfield on the territory of this old military base. In addition, flight kerosene can be adjusted in the filling machine.

"They moved to this airfield, which made it possible to avoid the destruction of the aircraft," Prokayev said. 

However, it is difficult to say how many such aircraft and under what conditions they are.

We added that Washington announced the delivery to Ukraine of 3 of the 11 helicopters the US had previously purchased for the former Afghan government.


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