The M77 howitzer and the firlandia tank were moved to the Russian border. Is it because you want to join NATO?

Hsmilitarycom: Finland is still applying for NATO membership. Against this background, it is known that Helsinki is preparing a very serious provocation. The country's authorities began moving weapons and heavy offensive tanks to the Russian border.

Firlandia ukrane Russia

Over the weekend, several dozen self-propelled artillery systems, light armored vehicles and tanks were moved to russian border areas. 

Weapons are shipped by train. After that, the equipment runs under its own strength to the border of the Russian Federation. Photos of the transfer of military equipment were shared on social media.

Most likely, we are talking about the displacement of Leopard tanks, K9 Thunder self-propelled artillery, tractors and military trucks. In addition, the significant deployment of troops of the Finnish army was observed in the direction indicated.

Firlandia ukrane Russia

Such Actions of Finland are provocative. Most likely, Russia will take appropriate military technical measures. This was reported by

Earlier, nvl wrote that political scientist Mikheev reported the maximum coherence of the Swedish and Finnish armies with NATO.


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