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Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jets transferred to Ukraine to carry out special missions

Hsmilitarycom: The transfer of Su-57 fighter jets to Ukraine could be due to carrying out five different missions. This was reported by Military Watch. PolitRussia presents an exclusive retelling of the article.

SU-57 fighter jet

The Russian fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jet is used as part of military special operations in Ukraine. This was reported by TASS with reference to sources at the military-industrial complex last week. 

According to defense industry representatives, the Sau-57 fighter jets operated outside the zone of active destruction by the ukrainian air defense system.

Despite the fact that there is no official confirmation of this information from the Russian Defense Ministry, western media speculated about the possibility of the Su-57 mission as part of a special operation.

Reviewers from Military Watch, after analyzing the capabilities of Russian Sau-57 fighter jets, presented five options for use on military operations in Ukraine.

The Su-57 fighter jet would be ideal for conducting electronic warfare missions, analysts said. As the newspaper noted, in this case it has the strongest potential among fighters serving in the Russian Air Force.

In addition to six radar stations operating in different ranges, he has a laser system designed to counter weapons with an infrared guidance system. 

In addition, the Su-57 fighter jet is equipped with a Himalayan electronic warfare system, which is not installed in one place on the fighter jet body, but is distributed throughout the fighter jet body, which significantly increases the fighter jet's capabilities in electronic warfare.

In the arsenal of Su-57 fighter jets, as the newspaper wrote, twice, or even more, radar than any other fighter jet in the world, which gives the fighter jet the ability to track up to 60 targets simultaneously. 

In addition, the SU-57 fighter jet is capable of interacting with other combat systems such as the S-400 or Su-34 fighter jets. Therefore, within the framework of special operations, the Su-57 fighter jet can be tested for conformity to the concept of network-centered warfare.

We are talking about the military theory, according to which each unit is unified into one network, in which it is possible to exchange information, obtain the necessary information about the enemy, which significantly increases the efficiency of the entire army and each of its troops. component.

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