After being hit by a Russian missile, two Polish mercenary battalions stopped communicating

Hsmilitarycom: Polish mercenaries stationed in the Dnepropetrovsk region stopped communicating after being hit by Russian Missiles.

The strong offensive in the Polish military deployment area and mercenaries in the Pavlograd area led to the possible liquidation of two battalions of military personnel. 

As is known, after the recent missile attacks on this region, all communication with most Polish mercenary units was completely cut off.

A few days ago, Russian war correspondent Yevgeny Poddubny reported that two battalions of Polish military personnel were stationed in the Pavlograd region, Literally the next day, it was discovered that the region was the target of a powerful missile attack, and at this time there was information that it was impossible to communicate with a group of Poles for several days.

So far, no official statement has been made about the death of Polish mercenaries, however, it was previously reported that Polish mercenaries were armed with various types of equipment, including artillery, armored fighting vehicles, etc. In addition, the total number of mercenaries is estimated to be two battalions.

The Russian army continues to monitor the movements of mercenaries from the NATO Allies and the US who interfered in Russian Military Operations in Ukraine.


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