Poland comments on delivery of MiG-29 fighter jet parts to Ukraine

Hsmilitarycom: Polish media, citing Polish military sources, reported that there was a problem with the supply of spare parts for Ukrainian military equipment. In particular, we are talking about spare parts for the MiG-29 fighter jet.

Poland comments on delivery of MiG-29 fighter jet parts to Ukraine

It was reported that Poland did not send MiG-29 fighter jets to Ukraine, but instead, only delivered spare parts to the Ukrainian air force. This follows on from an article in the Polish media.

"For the MiG-29 fighter aircraft of the Ukrainian Air Force, a large number of parts and components were transferred, including equipment for this combat vehicle. Thanks to this delivery, Ukraine can restore the combat power of its fighters."

It is further said that Poland has practically exhausted its resources in terms of transferring MiG-29 components to Ukraine.

Polish journalists further claimed that it was the parts and weapons supplied by Poland that allowed the Ukrainian pilots to successfully fight the Russian Air Force in the air.

This statement may also indicate that Poland is trying to supply fighter jets to Ukraine, as they say, in some parts. 

Perhaps in the future it is planned to gather in Ukrainian factories. 

However, several Ukrainian factories for the production and maintenance of aircraft, including Lviv, were destroyed by missile strikes. And there are no reports that Ukraine successfully assembled the MiG-29 fighter jets from the spare parts provided.


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