Dozens of Ukrainian military and mercenaries surrendered to Russian forces

Hsmilitarycom: A video published on a telegram channel shows ukrainian military and mercenaries surrendering themselves during an attack by the Russian military.

In the territory of the metallurgical plant AzovStal, Donetsk. A group of nearly three hundred Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries decided to turn themselves in.

Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries did not have time to strike back as Russian forces destroyed the region.

In a video published it shows that the Ukrainian military is completely demoralized. It is estimated that there are 265 Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries. More than 50 people were seriously injured and needed emergency medical care.

It is known that the wounded were sent to various types of medical institutions, while the Ukrainian side expressed its intention to exchange prisoners by exchanging captured military personnel for members of the Azov regiment (banned in Russia - red.), military personnel. other units and mercenaries who surrendered from AzovStal.

It is estimated that more than thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries are in the region. Russia's defense ministry said it would continue to hunt down mercenaries who helped ukrainian forces.


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