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Did Russia properly deploy SU-57 fighter jets in Ukrainian airspace?

Hsmilitarycom: The U.S. edition of The Drive source said ukraine's air defenses still pose a real threat to Russian fighter jets, not least russian SU-57 fighter jets.

Did Russia properly deploy SU-57 fighter jets in Ukrainian airspace?

The author of the article said earlier that russian media reported on SU-57 fighter jets deployed in Russia's military operations in Ukraine.

According to him, there is no evidence of this, and a video that appeared in March, showing a Russian SU-57 jet allegedly flying in Ukrainian airspace, was unjustified.

At the same time, the author of the article acknowledged that the Russian military could send su-57s to Ukraine to conduct tests under combat conditions.

At the same time, he revealed the fact that Russian Sau-57 fighter jets flew outside the Ukrainian air defense zone.

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This suggests that Russia is afraid of losing at least one Su-57 fighter jet in Ukraine, as that would severely hit the sau-57 fighter jet's reputation.

Earlier, a source in the Russian defense industry reported that Su-57 fighter jets were also used in Ukraine as part of special military operations, although the main fighter jets are still Su-35 and Su-30SM. It is they who control Ukrainian airspace.

The deployment of Russian SU-57 fighter jets in Ukrainian airspace is considered incorrect. The SU-57 fighter jet was not properly in Ukrainian airspace.

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