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British media: It only took a week for British tanks to defeat the Russian armed forces

Hsmilitarycom: British information publications continue to actively monitor the situation in Ukraine, where special operations of the Russian Federation are underway. 

British tank

This makes it possible to assess the nature of the battle, as well as, if necessary, update the strategies and tactics of performing NMD. This is told by the author of the Military Review.

"We in the UK must take into account the changes that have taken place in the armoured fighting we have witnessed if we are to have any hope of winning future conflicts of this nature and intensity," the Defence Journal wrote.

The British press said that it was necessary to take into account the number of defeats of armored vehicles during the fierce fighting in Ukraine.

"Our three tank regiments with about 50 MBTs [in each] will be enough for a week-long battle."

In addition, according to the authors, the British Ministry of Defense does not have enough military equipment to fill the brigade.

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At the same time, even if we take into account the transition to challenger 3 MBT (their release is scheduled for 2030), they will not be enough.

Presumably, the army should receive 148 vehicles of this type. This is only enough to complete two regiments alone.

In this regard, the British observer recommends buying a new car, especially since the Challenger 2 modification in its current form is unlikely to last.

Earlier, NVL reported that Great Wall had started selling unique cars, which include menstrual modes among its options.

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