About 60 Ukrainian armored vehicles were destroyed unexpectedly

Hsmilitarycom: A video shows About 60 tanks, self-propelled guns, army trucks and armored fighting vehicles destroyed with artillery.

A large field camp, which placed more than 60 units of military equipment was subjected to an unexpected attack. 

According to video footage taken from the drone, as a result of the attack, allegedly using heavy artillery, some military equipment was destroyed, such as tanks, army trucks and a number of armored fighting vehicles.

The published video footage showed an organized field camp and a large amount of military equipment, which appeared to be being repaired.

Judging from the moment the attack began, the tanker serving the tank was the first to be destroyed. Heavy combat vehicles are also almost certainly affected, but the nature of the damage is still unknown.

At the same time, experts draw attention to the fact that there are very few attacks, which raises a number of questions whether the attack was really carried out using artillery.

However, the location of the incident is not yet known for certain. It is suspected that almost all the storage places of Weapons and Armored Vehicles of Ukraine were destroyed by the Russian armed forces.


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